Squishypig is an incredible brand of handmade collars and accessories, using unique fabrics to create individual products for your fur-babies. We are a small family business based in Bristol, England.

In 2017 we met a beautiful Bichon puppy that became our little Princess Lola. As you can imagine, she was (and still is) spoilt rotten! After a little while, Lola was becoming extremely upset when we left for work and sometimes even when we left the room. This is when we decided….. she needed a sister! 

2018 welcomed our adorable French Bulldog Willow. It didn’t take long for them to get to know each other and become inseparable despite both having very strong personalities. 

During the time they were both growing we realised a small fortune was being spent on collars so we dug out the old sewing machine to make custom collars for them both. Collars that would grow with them and with designs that matched their personalities. This led to making custom collars for friends & family and now here we are!

You may be wondering where “Squishypig” came from. Lola and Willow have extremely fitting nicknames which together became our name. Lola is “Squishy” and Willow is “Piggy”. Introducing…. SQUISHYPIG! 

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